Accident Insurance

Daily we are subjected to the likelihood of an unplanned, which can radically change our personal situation, so conveniently protect our welfare and that of our family is a priority.

Let us design your fully customized Accident insurance, according to their profile and particular, economic and family characteristics.

An accident can cause serious disruption and economic losses, so that AXA has developed a series of products to provide the safeguards necessary for the needs of its customers.


Lifestyle, hobbies and habits define the needs of our customers, so their security requirements and expectations are very different:


From a minimum of basic guarantees, other coverage may be added voluntarily to better suit the need of customer protection in this regard Accident insurance can be tailor-made, depending on the particular situations of risk which they are exposed.

Entrepreneurs and Managers

The demands of an intense professional life can lead to dangerous situations, so that AXA has developed a specific insurance coverage with a focus on heart attack and stroke.

Flat rate

Simple and safe, only basic guarantees, where the price does not take into account the professional activity that you develop.


Security specifically developed for people who come to work in our country, leaving emotional ties and economic interests in their country of origin.

It is also a product that facilitates everyday in our country, offering well suited for this purpose, with the best services Call services.

Comprehensive insurance for sports enthusiasts

Water Activities, cyclists and hunters.


In addition to having the guarantees of Death and most comprehensive in the market Permanent Disability, AXA has exclusive coverage with economic and personal assistance from domestic staff, medical expenses and facial cosmetic surgery, travel assistance to sick pay, hospitalization, rents for your spouse and children …

Protect your family from the risks of his profession, or practice your favorite sport or hobby with confidence, you can insure up the risk of stroke, if desired, or have double capitals there where you see you need more support or scholarships study for their children, security and tranquility that will assist you anytime, anywhere in the world.

Because we know it is not easy being away from his family, if you are a new resident in Spain count with AXA to help in their day to day, or if I had to go back to their home country for the funeral of one of their parents , leave it to us, as in the case of death of the Insured, also take care of the transfer, including the movement of a passenger.

Be amazed at how little it costs to feel safe with AXA.


We give you 10 reasons why an insurance Accident AXA:


    Coverage 24 hours.



oublecapitalfor compensation, income


Advancement ofcompensation

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speedand managementprocedures



We recognizethe risk factorsandprovide solutions.


We take care ofthe smallest detail


withexclusive guarantees



Travel Assistance, domestic staff


Maximum facilities for hiring




The value tightest




You can choose the coverage you want, you want to hire capital, the duration of rents, whether to apply coverage to privacy and / or professional


10. AXA:

Our business

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