Boat insurance

Safe boat is safe for all types of yachts created to enjoy the sea and their boat without worrying about anything else.

AXA has the surest formula for calm surf from just € 65.00 *.

* Required Insurance sail or motor boats up to 12 meters or 200 hp (tax).

Navigate quiet

Safe boat is so flexible that in addition to the Compulsory Liability offers the possibility of hiring those coverages you need to feel comfortable and safe sailing.


  • Compulsory Liability

Automatic coverage under the amount prescribed in Royal Decree 607/1999 of:
€ 240,404.84 for Personal Injury to a maximum of € 120,202.42 per victim.
€ 96,161.94 for Damage.


  • Complementary Liability.

Expansion of the compensation limits set by law according to their needs:
– Up to € 450,000
– Up to € 600,000
– Up to € 750,000
– Up to € 900,000
– Up to € 1,500,000
Engage the coverage you need

Voluntary Liability

    • Legal protection

Advancement of compensation
Call legal

    • Own damage to the boat.

Total loss, theft and partial damage accident.

    • Personal effects
    • Travel assistance to individuals

Medical and hospitalization expenses. Car and hotel stay if immobilization due to breakdown or accident.

    • Travel assistance to the boat

Towing charges and custody.

    • Personal Accident.

Death, disability and medical expenses.

    • English clauses.

Kindly you hire safe boat with English terms.

    • And … 100% of value as new

In case of total loss of his ship, where seniority not exceeding one year.

Always, with great breadth of the scope of navigation.

And after certain what?

Because for AXA‘s relationship with its customers not just at the time of signing the policy, we also offer after-sales service including:

  • Service consultations.

Our experts in marine experts will attend within 24 hours.

  • Agility compensation.

We will do everything in our power to resolve without delay the proceedings.

  • Call 24 hours.

In case of accident you can call us anytime.