Liability insurance

In everyday life, unforeseen conditions may compromise their heritage, claiming damages for any liability to third parties.

AXA your peace and your family are in good hands. Aware of the obligation to have a liability insurance, AXA offers insurance for you.


Depending on your activity AXA offers insurance options

  • Head of the family
  • Property owner
  • Community owners (developments, associations ect.)
  • Hunting and / or fishing
  • Pet owner
  • Cattle owner
  • Diving


  • My responsability
  • Employers Liability
  • Liability Leaseable
  • Vicarious liability


  • Simple product, easily recruitment
  • Adjusted for each risk fulfilling the expectation as to the responsibility of the owner of risk
  • Respectful of the legislation (Cod. Civil art. 1902 and following)
  • Liability insurance for individuals has a very competitive premium.